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The Multi-Tool Solution

Alpine Specialists bring a broad range of experience to the industrial mountain worksite. We provide certified fallers, carpenters and ensure that safety protocols are followed. Our team holds current First Aid certifications, rescue training and are comfortable working with helicopters.

As a mountain guide, Craig Ellis is professionally trained to recognize hazards and manage travel through remote mountain environments, including avalanche terrain, steep slopes, river crossings and anywhere a crew needs safe access and exit strategies, with or without helicopter assistance.



Lose the Crowds

Alpine Specialists fills the niche for people who like unique adventures. Unusual lines, circuits and places that are overlooked or unknown – that's our preference.

IFMGA/ACMG mountain guide Craig Ellis leads a team of like-minded people who value the freedom of living outside the lines. Our programs are customized. Tell us what you're looking for and we will come up with ideas, local or international, summer or winter. We keep things interesting.

Tap into the mountain underground and do your own thing.

The options are unlimited.

“I met Craig Ellis in 2004, on a difficult glacial survey in the Selkirk Mountain Range. Since then, Alpine Specialists Ltd. have been integral in the successful completion of construction, geophysical surveying, helicopter and skid mounted diamond drilling, underground drilling, surface and underground bulk sampling, road lay out and construction and avalanche safety programs. His focus on safety is paramount and he is an expert in helicopter safety and efficient operations, working in extreme steep terrain and managing a group of diverse contractors and employees on surface and underground operations..” 

Jim Miller-Tait, P. Geo, VP Exploration Imperial Metals

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