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Craig Ellis started skiing before avalanches were invented. His guiding career began in 1994 as an ACMG ski guide and by 2003 he finished his IFMGA mountain guide certification. Along the way, he has accumulated a roster of mountain skills, including search and rescue qualifications. Mechanics, carpentry, equipment operator and rope access work are all within his range of experience. In other words, he’s a human multi-tool.

Craig’s unique skill set is in sync with his unique guiding style – he finds the weird line, makes the obscure traverse and he is always on the lookout for interesting routes, fun runs and undiscovered places.




ACMG Splitboard Guide

Steve is an ACMG splitboard guide based out of Revelstoke BC. Known as the Powder Owl, he has an affinity for silently soaring through big cedar forests and other out of the way places. His local knowledge is something he stays quiet about. Steve’s summer skills include building drill platforms, heli work and managing the challenges of work in remote mountain environments.



Red Seal Carpenter

Based in Salmon Arm, Brian Baker is a certified carpenter. Calm under pressure, Brian has worked in the construction trade for thirty years, managing a variety of projects and site locations. He has extensive backcountry experience in mineral exploration, soil sampling and staking claims in the mountains of British Columbia.



Certified Faller

A certified faller, Rochus Schneble is a safety-conscious forestry worker who has an innate sense of working with terrain to solve challenges. A long-time resident of Revelstoke, Rochus trained as a millwright in Germany before coming to Canada. An avid whitewater kayaker, he is also an ACMG ski guide and has worked in the mountains for over thirty years, glading ski runs and banding cedar trees. He is a positive force of nature.



Rock Stabilization Specialist

Brandon Thomas is a rock stabilization specialist who also loves sledding and ski touring. When he is not running Greely Rock, Brandon is on the crags or in the mountains exploring new climbing routes on ice and rock. With his Avalanche Operations Level One certification, he is qualified to instruct AST Level One courses, which is he is keen to bring to sledders.




Echo handles wildlife management. A Karelian bear dog/sled dog mix, she is fearless and efficient in the mountains. Echo has grown up around helicopters and is very calm near the machines. Her range is vast and she is known to frequently disappear and reappear but she always shows up for lunch.


"Life has its highlights and I have been fortunate to have shared one of mine with Craig Ellis on Mount Assiniboine. The summer climb of the day before turned overnight into a winter landscape, often the case with this lofty peak. Craig’s ability to read terrain and smoothly transition gear even in challenging conditions is phenomenal and a testament to his extensive knowledge and years of experience. Thanks to Craig that was a truly amazing adventure where I was able to climb confidently at the upper end of my game. I’m looking forward to booking more “elevated” time with Craig in the near future."

~ Jeff Calder

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